Year 10 Forensic Science Workshop

On Tuesday the 23 June, all Year 10 students participated in a Forensic Science incursion as part of our Year 10 Science curriculum.

Throughout the day, we participated in activities that enhanced our knowledge and understanding of the various ways Science is used in society, in particular, the police system for crime scene investigation in order to find out how crimes were committed and by whom. It satisfied all our inner needs to be crime scene investigators built up from watching many episodes of CSI. We learnt how to investigate a crime scene and piece together digital, biological and physical evidence to discover who committed the crime. First, we were given a hypothetical scenario with limited details about a missing girl who was found dead days after her murder. We were then given a photo of the crime scene and various stations were set up which held all the police evidence such as physical evidence including fibres, glass and foot prints found at the crime scene, the autopsy report, and digital evidence that allowed us to determine a suspect. We visited these stations, gathering information to fill in our “case file”. We then used this to determine how the girl was killed, and who was responsible. Throughout the day we learnt about the study of toxicology, entomology and autopsy. We also learnt about examining finger prints and many aspects of DNA profiling such as hair. Through the measurement of the chemical levels of drugs in fluids we were able to identify that the victim had been drugged. Additionally we learnt how to predict certain outcomes from evidence that was presented to us.

Overall, the incursion was a fascinating day that advanced our knowledge on a practical level of how science is often used for the greater good.

Kaelah Dowman (Year 10 Science Student)