Year 10 Geography Excursion

On Friday, 14 October, our Year 10 geography students who are studying coastal management went on an excursion to North Cronulla Beach where they undertook a range of fieldwork activities to identify some of the physical and human processes that shape our coasts. On the day, students used geographical instruments along Wanda Sand Dunes to measure wind speed and identify a range of vegetation along the front and back of the dunes. This enabled the students to understand how the wind shapes the dunes and how humans can better protect these important natural areas. A walk to Eloura beach after lunch was then able to showcase the honeycomb ‘seebees’ sea wall that was built to protect the beach and properties from coastal erosion. This provided a good discussion point to think about the major groups with interests in coastal management issues along the Kurnell Peninsular Coast. Overall, this was a great opportunity for students to work as geographers for a day and put their knowledge of coastal management into practice.




Lara Grimm

HSIE Teacher