Year 10 Industrial Technology and Multimedia

On Friday the 1st of March, Industrial Technology and Multimedia students were visited by a guest speaker, artist and designer, Kristina Mah.

Currently, at the University of Sydney working in the Design Lab, Kristina majored in architecture, design and planning. One of her most recent achievements was being elected to create an exhibit for Vivid Sydney in 2018. Kristina gave the class an insight into her design process, showing the class how she began creating her idea and how she put pen to paper to create her masterpiece. Kristina explained how all design starts off with a brief and broad message/idea that the designer wants to portray and create. Then after a long time of fine-tuning and editing, what you once imagined, can become a reality. The talk was very insightful. It gave the class a deeper, more personal insight into life as a designer and the pros and cons that come with creating design projects.

One question that was asked during the talk was how Kristina gained inspiration for her projects. She mentioned that she focuses on things she is passionate about and bases her projects on things she enjoys. A key factor in Kristina’s influence for her Vivid exhibition was Buddhism and manifesting positivity into the world. Kristina wanted to bring people together through her design and create unity. Kristina’s knowledge really helped the class understand the design process as well as what it is like to be in the creative design industry. Kristina’s encouraging outlook engaged the class and inspired them to realise that no matter what idea, big or small, you can make it a reality through hard work and dedication. The class greatly appreciated Kristina’s visit and will take her inspiring words forward into their next task revolving around Vivid at Bethany.



Deni Kokkinis, Year 10