Year 10 IST Excursion

On 24 August, Year 10 IST attended several computer programming workshops at the Powerhouse Museum, Ultimo. Students spent most of the excursion developing their skills in the Thinkspace centre, where they were led by Curtis, the friendly and adept instructor for the day.

The first workshop was Programming in Python where students manipulated objects such as blocks in Minecraft to augment gameplay using Python coding language. Students explored the jargon of coding to create towers and teleport avatars via a few lines of code. They also learned techniques such as looping and writing comments alongside the codes to organise the language without interference of the commands.

The second workshop explored by the class was the Electronic Technologies workshop where students combined their knowledge of electronics and programming to control ThinkerShield microcontrollers – these consisted of LED lights, a buzzer and buttons which performed functions after certain instructions were enlisted. These ThinkerShield microcontrollers were programmed using the Arduino coding language to display unique light patterns and play custom sounds from the buzzer.

The final workshop attended by Year 10 IST was the Rapid Design Lab where the class could explore their creativity and create stickers using cutter printers and compatible software to express their interests and personality.

A sincere thank you to Miss Boutros on behalf of the IST class for setting up and organising the outing to the Museum – our skills and knowledge have definitely been enhanced and we had an enjoyable day.

Tanya Giannakos & Bianca Setionago