Year 10 IST

Did you know?
Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) are important fields for the future – jobs in these areas offer higher than average salaries, and there is high (and growing) demand for people in STEM occupations. In other words, STEM is where the good jobs are! But there is currently a big achievement gap between girls and boys in STEM in schools and women are vastly underrepresented in STEM jobs and among STEM degree holders. Having half the population (women) not participating in STEM fields also limits Australia’s overall creativity and innovation.
“On 1 March 2018, The Academy of Information and Technology hosted its first Girls in Tech Meet Up and invited students,educators and their parents to join them in celebrating, inspiring and connecting young women interested in technology. This event was advertised to Year 10 Information Software Technology and on Sentral as an event to help students understand and inform decisions about prospective careers in the industry. Here is Jesica Nikolovska from 10 IST’s recount of the night.
On 1 March 2018, I attended an information night held at the Academy of Information and Technology. I learnt a lot that night about the Academy and the courses that they offer which include animation, game designing and programming, digital art and character building as well as special affects
and virtual reality. 
I was privileged to speak with one of the animators Beck Selmes from Animal Logic who recently graduated at the Academy and has gone on to work on the upcoming film, Peter Rabbit, (2018).During our encounter she told me of some of her other work, which included the Lego movies. I was also lucky enough to speak with a game designer who has been creating games for the last couple of years named Inge. She explained the many programs used and learnt at the Academy that would be helpful for future job opportunities.
Overall it was a very informing night and a great opportunity to talk to people in this field of work and see the progress girls are making in the industry. The most important thing I learnt, was the key to success is having enthusiasm, as software skills can be learnt easily”