Year 10 Kaleidoscope Science Show

On Friday the 23rd of November, all Year 10 Science attended an incursion run by Kaleidoscope Science with Mitch. We learnt about different chemical reactions as well as the transfer of energy. Mitch demonstrated many exciting experiments such as combustion, sublimation and experimenting with the fourth state of matter Рplasma.

Some of the experiments included:

  • Looking at how liquid nitrogen can blow up a balloon or condense the gas inside
    • We blew a giant balloon up by liquid nitrogen boiling (in the air!) until it popped and condensed smaller ones so the gas inside cooled and condensed and the balloon crumpled to feel and look more like a paper bag.
  • Combining different liquids with fire to change the colours of the flame
    • By combining different common chemicals with fuel, we were able to change the colour of fire with our newly learnt information that different chemicals burn different colours.
  • Looking at different sources of fuel to create a fireball
    • Mitch allowed us to see the chemical reaction which happened in our body to create energy from starchy foods, like foods containing flour. We blow flour into the air and set it on fire with a blow torch to create a massive fireball in the air.
  • Running a current through a human body using a plasma ball.
    • By touching a plasma ball we were able to create an electric current from the energy provided by the plasma in the plasma ball. We learnt that plasma is what lightning is. This meant if the person touching the ball held a lightbulb, the light bulb would turn on.

This incursion helped us to engage with our Science studies and learn more about the scientific reactions that happen in our daily lives.


Zoe Collins and Zoe Ball (10SC.1)