Year 10 Kaleidoscope Science Show

On Wednesday 29th of November, Year 10 participated in the ‘Great Big Science Show’ and ‘Chemistry Show’ by Kaleidoscope Science. The shows promised to be exciting and highly visual explorations of chemical reactions and products, and they certainly lived up to our expectations. Everyday objects such as balloons, water bottles and handballs were transformed into captivating chemistry experiments that kept us on the edge of our seats! The show certainly ended with a bang, as a giant balloon was inflated solely by liquid nitrogen!

This show was incredibly beneficial to our learning and understanding of how Science is present in our everyday lives. It challenged us to think critically and appreciate how the Laws of Physics and Chemistry can be seen all around us. 

We would like to thank our Science teachers for organising this experience! It was a fantastic experience which greatly benefitted our scientific knowledge, and we all look forward to similar incursions in the future.


Claudia Bonacci, Olivia Di Costanzo, Eve Fernando and Louisa Leone (10SC.1)