Year 10 Scientia Electronic Gameboards

In recent weeks, Year 10 Scientia Science have worked together in groups to complete an In-Class Activity. This task required group members to develop an innovative and unique concept, in order to construct an electronic gameboard. The construction of various simple circuits was necessary, so as the light bulb would illuminate when the player had successfully answered one of the questions on the gameboard. This activity required each group member to be critical thinkers, as well as to pscientiaroblem solve, in order to present an effective and original product that would satisfy the given criteria. In addition, it sought the drive and determination of each group member, in order to correctly wire the game board and to complete the activity in the allocated time period. Of course, the task submission saw the excitement and smiles of all when light bulbs illuminated, as this meant the Physics component was successful. The groups then had the opportunity to play each other’s gameboards, and were amazed with the originality of each group’s concepts, as well as the teachers, who appeared to be VERY impressed with the range of ideas. Consequently, this task required students to “think outside of the box” – an essential skill the Scientia Program has provided students with. This activity was fun overall, as well as exceptionally rewarding with such extraordinary results due to its success.


 – Madison Amorim, Zara Solomos, Nichola Carson (10SC.1 Science students)