Year 11 Ancient History Excursion

On Monday the 7th March 2016, the two Year 11 Ancient History classes went to the Museum of Ancient Cultures at Macquarie University in North Ryde.  There, our knowledge of investigating the past was broadened and we were given the opportunity to understand what archaeologists do once they uncover something from the past.  Whilst at the university, we had the opportunity to explore some of the artefacts that they had on display in the museum while also getting the chance to participate in hands on activities with the artefacts.  The artefacts being displayed were made between 2,000 to 5,000 years ago and it was a surreal moment to realise that the way of life over the past 5,000 years has not markedly changed (apart from the few advances in technology!)  On behalf of both Ancient Classes, I would like to thank Macquarie University for hosting us, letting us observe their wonderful museum and for passing on their knowledge to us.  We all had an amazing time and have learnt so much from this excursion that we will take with us for our future studies in Ancient History.  

By: Soriya Farrah