Year 11 Biology and Senior Science Field Trip

On Thursday, 11 May, the Year 11 Biology and Senior Science classes went on a field trip to Cabbage Tree Basin in the Royal National Park. Throughout the day we participated and completed various activities with the help of the guides, who assisted and broadened our knowledge of the mangroves found within the basin. As we walked through the park and arrived at the estuary, we were able to admire the natural beauty of the wetland environment. We were also able to familiarise ourselves with the native flora and fauna through scoop fishing and sampling techniques such as quadrats and transects. This experience enabled us to further expand our knowledge on the local ecosystem which we have been extensively studying in class. Overall, the day was a fun and informative experience, due to the exceptional help and work of the guides and most importantly our teachers Mrs Lipari and Mrs Parsons.


Annika Kerwick and Melanie Kozarovski