Year 11 Biology and Senior Science Field Trip

On Wednesday the 18th of March, the two Year 11 Biology classes and a Year 11 Senior Science class participated in an investigation on the functions of a local ecosystem (wetlands), in Kurnell. We conducted many fieldwork experiments such as identifying plants and animals, capturing and releasing animals, measuring abiotic factors of the environment, discussing the importance of this wetland ecosystem and how it affects the way the plants and animals live in this ecosystem and how they have adapted to this ecosystem. This allowed us to thoroughly understand the importance of a mangrove ecosystem.

Upon our arrival the classes split into two groups with one group leader each, who guided us when we completed the fieldwork activities. Then each group took turns in conducting the different field work activities, which helped us to complete our report.  First, one group identified the different types of plant species along the three different ecosystems (Salt Marsh, Sand Dunes and Mangroves). Then with our classes and group leaders we all discussed the reason the type of vegetation grew in that particular area and how that plant has adapted to its ecosystem. After this we started to analyse some plants with portable microscopes and discussed the importance of these plants and their adaptations. Then we measured the abiotic factors (temperature of the air, light intensity, salt concentration and pH) of the three different ecosystems.

The most favourable part of the day for us was when we got to see and touch the different types of animal such as stick insects (scientific name: Phasmid) and crabs. We also discussed the importance of these animals and how they adapted to the environment. After this we headed onto the bus to arrive back at school. This excursion was thoroughly enjoyed by everyone and provided a very enriching learning experience, which allowed us to better understand our topic of a local ecosystem.  Many thanks to Dr Trent and Mrs Janev for organising this wonderful excursion.


Isabella Aleksovska and Mi Tran (Year 11 Biology students)