Year 11 Biology Excursion

As part of our preliminary HSC course, the two Year 11 Biology classes and the Senior Science class, led by Dr Trent and Mrs Lipari, travelled to the Badu Mangroves at Sydney Olympic Park, Homebush on the 26th of February. This excursion was extremely beneficial as it allowed us to actively practice the skills learnt in class about abundance and distribution of species in the Mangrove ecosystem.

Upon arrival, the group split into our three classes where guides, who were extremely experienced and knowledgeable about the area, directed us around the mangrove environment. They shared with us very useful information on the characteristics of the ecosystem, which we would then use to answer questions in our booklets. We would also use the information gathered to aid us in completing the research task for our assessment.

We then performed experiments using sampling techniques, such as transects and quadrats, to study the abundance and distribution of species within mangrove environments. These species included crabs, seedlings and pneumatophores (mangrove roots).  This allowed us to view what we had been learning in class first- hand, and thus we gathered a more profound understanding of what occurs in mangrove environments and why these things happen. The results and information gathered from the experiments were used to later form the basis of our first formal assessment task for the Biology and Senior Science course.

The trip allowed us to gain fieldwork experience which we have not previously been exposed to, and gave us the opportunity to conduct an investigation we would otherwise be unable to undertake. Overall, the day was very informative in a fun and interactive way and definitely brought out all our inner biologists!

A big thank you to Dr Trent and Mrs Lipari for organising this very beneficial excursion.

 – Lana Kaleel, Kaelah Dowman and Emma Bennett (Year 11 Biology students)