Year 11 Biology Field Trip

On Monday the 3rd of June, Year 11 Biology went on a field trip to the Badu Mangroves in Sydney Olympic Park. We concentrated on three main aspects of the mangrove niche; the history of the area and how certain affects shaped the environment, the relationship between soil salinity and vegetation growth and the distribution of wetland wildlife.

We learnt about the impact of human activity on the growth of the mangroves and certain methods of prevention to help overcome the damage. As well as the different adaptations of the mangroves that allow them to live in saline conditions, including the excretion of salt through their stomata. To prove this we licked the underside of the leaf, and you guessed it, it was surprisingly salty for a leaf.

Overall, we learnt many new skills including, taking a transect of the vegetation, looking at the number of crab holes in a region using quadrats, testing the humidity, pH and light intensity in both salt marsh and mangroves niches. It gave us an insight into the pressures of human needs on the environment and ideas on how to protect them in the future.

Zoe Ball – Year 11 Biology