Year 11 Biology

On 31 July, Year 11 biology students participated in the 2018 biology field study exercise, where we had the opportunity to investigate the wetland ecosystem in Sydney Olympic Park. As this excursion was a significant component of our depth study, students were highly involved in the first-hand investigation to further our understanding of the topic – ecosystem dynamics. The field trip enabled us to work scientifically by encouraging us to communicate evidence-based conclusions. Working collaboratively with our peers on the day, we designed reliable, accurate and valid experiments to prove our hypothesises. As a collective group, we used a variety of fieldwork to investigate the biotic responses of the plant communities to the unique conditions in the inter-tidal wetland. Overall, the 2018 biology field trip not only allowed us to deepen our understanding of the wetland ecosystem, but also allowed students and staff to have a fun day enjoying the nature and getting our hands dirty. We thank the teachers and staff for the effort and enthusiasm they put in that made the day both engaging and informative.

Tracey Zhang – Year 11