Year 11 Design and Technology Excursion

Year 11 SHAPE Exhibition Excursion

On Thursday 12th of March, Year 11 Design and Technology attended The Shape Exhibition at the Powerhouse Museum which featured a selection of exemplary Major Projects from HSC Design and Technology students from the 2019 Higher School Certificate. As well as viewing the exhibition, Year 11 students heard from industry professionals, learnt about design and production processes and were able to interact with a range of different technologies in different areas such as graphic, industrial, animation and game design.

Rachel Bevan – Teacher


Interactive Floor Tiles and 3D printed Designs

My class and I attended “The Shape” exhibition at the Powerhouse Museum and had the opportunity to see unique and inspiring HSC Major Projects. We spoke to industry, media and digital professionals who showcased a range of projects including recycling plastic to create a chair, prosthetic legs and Adobe creations which were extremely inspiring, as we are currently working on our Year 11 projects. We also learned about design and production processes and attended an industry expo where we gained a greater knowledge and understanding of what area of design we are interested in as well as the wide range of career choices available at Universities and TAFES.


Samantha Staninovski – Year 11


Virtual Reality Design and Reading through 2019 HSC Portfolios

 Students from the Year 11 Design and Technology class attended the HSC Technology courses for- Design and Technology, Industrial Technology and Textiles and Design at Sydney’s The PowerHouse Museum. This course is aimed to develop students’ conceptual understanding, appreciation of the historical and cultural influences on design, and the interrelationship of design, technology, society and the environment. With the focus on creativity, innovation and the successful implementation of ideas, I found that the designers had used a wide range of materials and technologies to successfully produce the impressive items on display.

I learnt that the designers also conducted attentive research, testing, prototype development and evaluation to accompany their MDP. The exhibition allowed students and teachers to have a glimpse into the future of design and innovation with each collection telling a story. The exhibition also provided inspiring and useful ideas to current students studying design. The collections were all very unique and creative and the creators are extremely talented especially with a particular project that stood out to everyone as a chair made with recycled coloured milk containers with a distinctive marble effect that made the collection astonishing. 


Olivia Soca – Year 11

Industry Expo – Student’s talking with LED Light and Graphic Designers



 Students designing and printing their own stickers