Year 11 Hospitality Food Truck

On Friday 13 October the Year 11 Hospitality class were involved in running their own “Food Truck” style catering event. Students had to design their own menu and then work as a kitchen brigade to plan, prepare and cook the menu items. This involved students working out food quantities, researching and comparing prices and designing their own recipes. A lot of work was done behind the scenes by the students prior to the launch of their ‘food truck’.

The student’s first menu item was nachos which were garnished with salsa, guacamole and sour cream.  The second menu item was a salted caramel freak shake sprinkled with popcorn, honeycomb, and pretzels topped with a chocolate coated donut. Students prepared 80 serves of nachos and 90 shakes. The shakes were by far the more popular menu item with students queuing up well into their lunchtime break for a chance to purchase these shakes.

This experience gave the hospitality students an understanding of working under pressure to serve a consistent food product to each customer. The students worked exceptionally well together and each student did their best to ensure the success of their first catering event.

I was very impressed to see how students solved problems on the day and pulled together to ensure each customer went away happy.

Many thanks to Mrs Elizabeth Vrahnos, the College Vocational Learning Coordinator for assisting me with this event. Also thanks to year 9 IST and Miss Napoli for designing the advertising materials.









Ms Louise Benson

Hospitality Teacher