Year 11 Mathematics Talented Students’ Day

On May 28, the Year 11 Mathematics Extension 1 class took a long walk across the road to the elite Sydney Technical High School to participate in the highly anticipated Talented Mathematics Students’ Day. The activities were both challenging and invigorating; and opened the class’s eyes to the wider world of mathematics. To say the least, all of the girls were extremely impressed with the standard of intellect of their peers. Beginning the day with a group competition allowed for effective collaborative work to warm us up to the challenges that were to come. Swiss competitions and cross numbers will be a distinct memory for all those involved as they proved to be both stimulating and seemingly formidable problems. The most enjoyable aspect of the day was the group relay as there was an opportunity to work together demonstrating the girls’ quick-thinking and ability to adapt when faced with abstract mathematical investigations. Overall, the day was a huge success with high hopes that it will continue in the future!

Article written collaboratively by the 2015 Year 11 Mathematics Extension 1 Class