Year 11 Retreat

‘I am with you always’                 Isaiah.43:1-28

Year 11 students spent two days on their retreat, with the overarching theme of God’s ever-presence in our lives. The girls were invited to participate in self-reflection, group discussions, whole group activities and to participate in the celebration of the Liturgy of the Word.

A huge thank you must be offered to the teachers who facilitated the Retreats: Kiah Ridge Conference Centre, Tahmoor – Mrs Kennaugh, Mr Gough, Miss Brennan and Mrs Sullivan. Benedict XVI, Grose Vale – Mr Culleton, Mrs Fitzgerald, Mr Hulme and Ms Summons. Edmund Rice Retreat and Conference Centre, Mulgoa – Mrs Bullock, Mrs Moroney, Mrs Pelham, Miss Cox and Miss Soles.

Here are some comments from the student evaluations, in response to the question ‘Over the days of the retreat, I have learned/become aware of…’

  • Myself and my spirituality
  • My changing perspectives
  • The concept of not giving up and striving for what you want
  • Who I am, what I need to improve on. How I can be happier.
  • Classmates I do not normally interact with. I believe I developed closer relationships during the retreat.
  • I became more open-minded
  • Other people have the same concerns and worries as I do
  • Being more genuine, be more grateful of the people around me and appreciate them.

Mrs Diane Kennaugh,   Leader of Religious Education and Mission,   


Mr Brian Culleton, Assistant Leader of Religious Education and Mission