Year 11 Senior Science Field Trip

Adventure to Sydney Olympic Park

On Friday, the 26th of February 2016, the two Year 11 Biology and Senior Science classes set off on a field trip to the local mangroves at Sydney Olympic Park to broaden our knowledge on the local ecosystem, the wetlands environment.  Whilst the day was humid and windy, add in some insects with particular people who had fears of leeches, spiders, snakes and any other insect on the planet, spending a Friday in the mangroves was not on everyone’s bucket list.  However, in the end, we learnt so much more about our local ecosystem especially on the areas of the salt marshes and mangroves as they are our focal point of our topic for this term.  

During our expedition, we had the opportunity to carry out first-hand investigations such as : measuring the salinity of the water, looking at different plants and learning about how they adapt to the environment and counting crab holes.  Some of us even got to see a crab!

Overall, this field trip was not exactly how we pictured it, it was far better.  We got to extend our knowledge on the wetlands environment while also having an amazing day out with our classes.  

We would like to thank Dr Trent and Mrs Lipari for organising this field trip as it was a great experience for all the girls, mainly because it was something most of us will never do again.  We would also like to extend our thanks to the team at Sydney Olympic Park for allowing us to come and visit the amazing area and for sharing all their knowledge with us.  

Soriya Farah, Niamh McIntyre and Carolina Perrino (Year 11 Senior Science students)