Year 12 Biology – University of Sydney Excursion

On September 7th, Year 12 Biology students visited The University of Sydney in order to attend the Kickstart Science course and enhance their understanding of the intricacies of humans, animals and plants.

The day consisted of two sessions which covered topics of the HSC Biology Course in a very interactive and engaging way as we were separated into small groups and moved around to different stations. At these stations, we performed eye and brain dissections, and also recreated famous experiments such as Thomas Morgan’s fruit fly experiment which was essential in contributing to our current understanding of genetics.

Not only did we explore biological concepts, but we were also able to converse with university students and professors about their studies and personal experiences in university. We were also able to gain a glimpse into all of the opportunities university has to offer, speculating on our own potential career pathways in Science.

We would like to thank Dr Trent and Ms Lipari for taking the time to organise the excursion and accompany us to the venue as it was truly an invaluable experience that will not be forgotten.

Elsey-Anne Dadson (Year 12 Biology student)