Year 12 Biology – University of Sydney Excursion

Year 12 and I were given the opportunity to experience and study Biology for a day at University of Sydney on Monday 31st of August.

The Biology excursion comprised of practical and theory based on the High School Certificate topics : Blueprint for Life and Communication. These topics were divided into two segments and within each there were various stations with different activities. Activities ranged from the dissection of a cow’s eye and lamb’s brain, blood typing, observing the embryo development using light microscopes, to uncovering planarian worms’ visual system. 

Learning from university students with PhDs and Honours and through engagement with advanced technological equipment during this workshop, we were able to gain professional first-hand experience in these biological fields reaffirming our understanding from previous school lessons.  This was an insightful and eye opening opportunity that our year felt particularly privileged to had been able to take part in and will use this educational knowledge to the best of our possibilities in doing our best in the upcoming HSC exams.

On behalf of Year 12 Biology, I’d like to thank Dr Trent for organising this opportunity for us and Mrs Lavorato and Mrs Russo for their continuous support and encouragement in all opportunities we are given here at Bethany.     

Anita Su (Science Prefect and Year 12 Biology student)