Year 12 Hospitality Brasserie Bread Excursion

On Tuesday 30 August Year 12 hospitality went to Brassiere Bread at Banksmeadow, to further enhance their understanding of HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points). The tour of the factory taught us about the company’s history, production of breads and pastries and hygiene measures they put in place to ensure their products are of the highest quality.

While we were there we had the experience to make our own savoury scroll and bread plait. While this was a lot of fun we found it quite challenging. Our tour guide judged the best bread and the winners were; Adriana Halias, Victoria Dakhoul and Isabella Young.

This excursion gave our classes an insight into waste management processes and their focus on environmental sustainability, through their principle of Single Origin bread. Single Origin bread is bread made from grain that originates from a single source: grain that can be traced back to the farmer where it was grown. This is an issue today as consumers are becoming more conscious of what they’re eating, where their food comes from and what chemicals are in it. This means a system needs to be put in place to give the consumer confidence that farmers are doing the right thing by the environment, their land and that the produce is of the highest quality.

Thank you to Ms Benson and Mrs Sultana for accompanying us on the excursion

 – Elish Mcintyre, Hospitality Prefect