Year 12 Physics Excursion to Sydney University

On 21 August 2018, the Year 12 Physics class headed to the School of Physics in Sydney University for a day of Physics “phun”. We did a series of experiments for a few of the core topics in the HSC Physics course as part of the Kickstart Program.

The series of experiments we conducted were part of the Ideas to Implementation and Space topics. All the experiments were very interactive and we were able to use specialist equipment which we could not normally do at school. The Kickstart Program consisted of experiments performed by university students. The experiments demonstrated the photoelectric effect, Hertz’s experiments, projectile motion, the Meissner Effect and Einstein’s’ theory of relativity.

The whole class learnt so much while having fun as we were also guided by USYD students studying Physics. This workshop was beneficial to our studies.  Thank you to Mr Roberts for taking us!


– Isabella Czarnecki and Lillian Conte (Year 12 Physics students)