Year 12 Project Compassion – Vietnam


Living with a disability was challenging for Nguyet. Yet, since featuring in Project Compassion 2017 Nguyet has successfully built her own business, a dream that has become a reality with the support of Caritas Australia. Connected to the world in new ways, Nguyet has become independent, an important member of her community and has great hope for her future.

“I would like to have my own shop in the village one day.”



On Tuesday the 2nd of April, the Year 12 cohort came together to raise money for project compassion. Together we met on Chisholm Court where we had written in chalk ‘YEAR 12’, 4 letters and 2 numerals for each homeroom to each fill up with coins. Our Value of wholeness came together nicely, a great way for the year group to contribute to Project Compassion, focussing on our key area of Vietnam.

With the help of everyone’s coins we raised a grand total of $297.40! Congratulations and thank you to everyone for contributing!




The Wholeness Project in Action – Year 12 students creating their designs on the WHOLENESS letters displayed in their locker area. 






The Value of Wholeness invites us to

  • Acknowledge every human being has the potential for complete wholeness and humility.
  • Believe that each individual, made in the image and likeness of God, respects themselves and others.
  • Believe in restorative practices that promote wholeness.





Siena Dal Bianco – Year 12 SRC