Year 12 Studies of Religion and Society and Culture

I was privileged, along with some of the Year 12 SOR and Society and Culture girls, to immerse ourselves in the Islamic tradition of an Iftar dinner during Ramadan at Amity College at Auburn. This congregation of students from a variety of highschools across Sydney, all with diverse religious backgrounds, enabled a dialogue amongst faiths, learning and exploring the similarities and differences they presented. We witnessed recitations of sacred readings from the Quran, witnessed evening prayer in the neighbouring mosque and to break the fast, we were invited to share a meal with our newly found friends. This experience taught all of us about the deep interpersonal connections that are present during Ramadan for the Islamic community and allowed us to really appreciate the multicultural and religiously plural nature of our country.

Thank you to Mrs Bullock and Ms Cox for accompanying us

Taylah Stenta – Year 12