Year 12 Studies of Religion – Auburn Gallipoli Mosque Excursion

On Wednesday, 7  June, Year 12 SORI and SORII students had the opportunity to visit Auburn Gallipoli Mosque to further cement their Islamic studies through a guided tour. The Sister who led us for the morning spoke about the history of the Mosque as well as her own faith, influenced by the practices and beliefs to which she adheres. All of the girls were mesmerised with the beauty of the Mosque’s printed walls, which featured Qu’ranic writings recited daily by adherents. It was interesting to learn that the Mosque is used primarily by Turkish Australians and attracts 2000 worshippers each week. We also learnt about the importance of ceremonies such as Friday Prayer, Ramadan and Hajj, which form the basis for Islamic life. The girls then had the opportunity to ask questions – a popular topic was marriage and religious conversion, which the Sister was able to address very clearly. To conclude the tour, the girls were treated to some delicious Turkish Delight!

It was an insightful experience that all of the girls will take with them for the remainder of their SOR course. A big thank you goes to Mrs Bullock, Ms Mirabello, Ms Wood, Ms Taouk and Ms Fing for supervising the girls on the day, and a special thank you to Mrs Kennaugh for organising the excursion.

(Natalie Najem – 12SOR2.1)