Year 7 2019 Orientation Day

On Wednesday 14th November 2018, Year 6 students attended Bethany College for their orientation day heading in to 2019. They were warmly greeted by Ms Rodwell and Mrs Russo, the administration staff, Miss Grimm and their Year Coordinator, Mrs Pikis. The Year 9 Big Sisters who are currently in training assisted the girls throughout the day.

The students participated in the Allwell testing taking them up to lunchtime. After lunch they had the opportunity to experience a number of activities which gave them a taste of high school life.

The Big Sisters led each session with great confidence under the guidance of Mrs Chisari, Miss Simos, Ms Baldwin, Miss Munro, Mrs Fitzgerald, Miss Carrabs and Mrs Barnes and they are to be congratulated for their preparedness and leadership throughout the day.

Big Sisters 2019:

Group 1.


Rosemarie Bechara

Naomi Attard

Mikayla Savignano

Chelsea Cibalevski

Jessica Nikolovski

Sanjeta Sridhar

Mia Palmer

Maddi Oldham


Group 3.


Alyssa Lahoud

Abbey Djundja

Nicholette Felemegas

Tejal Meisuria

Natalie Ryan

Keira Fisher

Georgia Fanos

Antonia Gregoriou

Ayva Palmer

Group 5.

Orange with black dot

Nicole Fertakis

Telina Kolyvas

Priscilla Zanak

Katrina Martinez

Emma Masalkovski

Hayley Bryant

Taylor Di Fabio

Angelique Rodas

Laura Carrabs

Group 7.

Yellow with black dot

Sarah Gonzalez

Natasha Petrov

Daliah Mourad

Rebecca Saadie

Jenessa Fong

Natalie Vucic

Jade Lozanovski

Deanna Haralambedis

Chloe Manalo

Group 2.

Dark Blue

Olivia Guardala

Fotini Koutsodimas

Angelina Milevski

Luana Rendina

Maria Tsiolakis

Dilara Kocak

Georgia Najem

Caitlin Hollis

Group 4.


Giada Lazazzara

Elly Vazouras

Anna Giannopoulos

Nektaria Rice

Alana Rostankov

Alexia Haralambedis

Lauren Delaney

Samantha Staninovski

Group 6.


Kate Glavocevic

Jovanka Lim

Caitlin Tan

Isabella Alves

Shilo Johnson

Sophia McDonnell

Anastasia Agoris

Ayaa Faraj


During the “High School Talk” sessions, a number of Year 12 students also supported the Big Sisters and gave advice to the Year 6 students about the daily high school routine. I warmly thank the following students for their time:  


Kate Papadimitriou

Louise Robinson

Julia Lo Russo

Bridie McIntyre

Lara Chaanine

Alyssa Strebel

Georgia Horne

Moya Denford

Bella Markou

Arianna Gallo

Danielle Napier

Isabella Genlik

Daria Badaoui

Natalie Glavocevic

Amy Lee

Ashley Farah

Lucy Madden

Hannah Jackson

Grace Steriovski

Raphaela Challita

Jodie Tse

Thalia Tsapilis 

Mia Mitchell

Kate Britcher

Manusha Mahesan

Sofia Aranega

Siena Dal Bianco

Alexis Maalouf

Dianna Festa

Rhiannon Davies

Valentina Triulcio


The Parent Information evening followed at 6.30pm and the name for the 2019 cohort was announced as the “Doves”. The dove is a symbol for the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit descends and provides the gifts that we need, just as each Year 7 student will come together and bring the individual, unique gifts that will help form a dynamic, united community with the power to travel together through to Year 12.

I look forward to an exciting year ahead leading the Doves.


Mrs Connie Pikis