Year 7 Camp 2022


NSW Sport and Recreation Academy Narrabeen

I had heaps of fun at camp making new friends and learning new skills. My favourite activities at camp were stand up paddleboarding and archery. I really enjoyed getting to know others and having more time outside.

Ceanna Swindon PE206

Camp was a great experience. We did many things like water activities and dry activities and more. If I were to choose a favourite I would choose Stand-up boarding this was very fun and cool. Stand-up boarding is like a surfboard and you get a paddle and you can stand or kneel down on the board and push yourself away in the lake with the paddle. If I were to do it every day I would definitely! I also met a lot of new people. The camp was the ‘funnest’ 3 days of my life and I really enjoyed it! – Kristina

– Sertic 7PE205


I would like to tell you a little about my experience at camp! There was laughter and happy faces in the cabins with the students I was with for the past 2 nights, we all became closer to each other as friends and learned more of each other while we were at it. Making new friends, becoming closer to others, and knowing more about others than before. The camp was a beautiful experience, there were happy moments in the cabins, lots of laughter day and night, and stories to learn. But making more memories is a huge thing in life, and I enjoy it!

– Amelia Romero PE204



The camp was extraordinary. It was filled with adventure, and life-long learning skills and experiences. Water activities like kayaking, raft building, and paddle boarding were one of our favourites. We had to stay in cabins, which gave me the opportunity to bond with new friends and create positive relationships. We were provided with high-quality meals and healthy options. I would strongly advise all future kids to attend this camp because it was run in a fun atmosphere. – Claudia Mitrovska PE203


The Year 7 Camp at Narrabeen was an enriching and memorable experience for all of us. We spent two nights in the unique bush area featuring the stunning Narrabeen Lake. We participated in a range of fun activities at the site, including water activities like kayaking, stand-up paddleboarding, and raft building which were some of the highlights of camp. Our dry activities included some team-building games in initiatives, archery, making dampers and bushwalking. Each of these activities introduced to us the skill of teamwork, resilience, confidence and independence. Our camp definitely assisted in helping us build and grow our relationships as a group in a natural, breathtaking environment.

  • Yana Tenedora PE109




During camp, we did a raft building competition. We got put into groups and used materials to build a raft. To win, you had to build a successful raft with your team and make it around the river without it breaking. I think this was one of the best activities as it made us work hard and communicate with others. From my personal experience, I made some new friends from this activity. Each and every person had an important part in this challenge whether it was to sit on the raft or be in the water guiding the raft. Unfortunately, my group’s raft broke a quarter through the water but I think this was a great team-building activity. Theodora Kalithrakas PE202




Camp was very fun. I was able to make new friends, learn new things like archery and I got to have an opportunity to hang out with different people. I also had an incredible time with my teachers and instructors. I would just like to say a huge thank to all our staff members, the camp leaders and our parents for allowing us to go on this trip. – Liana Roda PE204



Katrine Barnes

Year 7 Coordinator