Year 7 CLE











I’m an Expert!


Students in Year 7 CLE (Connected Learning Experiences) have started the term showcasing their talents and passions. Students prepared an oral presentation with the topic “I’m an Expert.”

Every student was required to tell the class what they were an expert at. Some showed presentations of their favourite hobby, some students made movies, some demonstrated their hobby in class and some taught the class a new skill.

The talents in Year 7 are as numerous as the stars themselves! Expert topics included contouring, hairdressing, makeup application, soccer skills, cooking skills, singing and even a comedy performance!

It is not an easy task standing up in front of your peers and saying “I’m an Expert”, however each student should be proud of their talents.

Well done Year 7, you are to be commended on your efforts. What a great way of showing your classmates your interests and who knows- you might make new friends based on newly discovered common interests!




Rachael Colreavy