Year 7 Connected Learning Experiences

In CLE this term Year 7 were introduced to visible learning through a cooperative learning activity to help students understand learning intentions and success criteria.

The students were given the learning intentions and in small groups created a dress out of newspaper and masking tape suitable for the runway.

The dress had to be creative and functional – i.e the model had to be able to walk down the class runway!

Students had to create the success criteria through a class discussion based on the questions: How will we know we have been successful in reaching the learning intentions? What will success sound like? feel like? look like?

As the photos show, the results were inspirational and certainly rivalled any Dolce and Gabbana outfit!

In a reflection following the activity, students then looked at Bethany’s learning principles and assessed themselves on how they showed they were collaborative, engaged, self directed, critical and creative. Were there any principles not displayed and could be developed further?

It is envisaged students will remember this activity and help them use the principles across all their subjects.



Rachael Colreavy

CLE Teacher