Year 7 Concert for the Elderly

Friday 2nd December 2016


Throughout the year the ‘Dolphins’ have demonstrated excellent school spirit. This term Year 7 have been planning and preparing for the Concert for the Elderly.  Year 7 worked together to organise and host the Concert actively living out the college values of welcome, relationships and service. They generously brought in gifts as well as create Christmas cards and decorations. Their commitment demonstrated how present and willing the girls are to uphold the Bethany spirit to Act Justly, Love Tenderly and Walk Humbly with our God.     

“ At our elderly concert we had a heap of year 7 students willing to give up their lunch times to rehearse their acts so they could perform in front of the elderly. We had a wide range of performances that the guests loved watching. Some acts include dancing, singing and acting. Even some elderly people stood up out of their seat and started dancing and singing along with the acts. We had a great day!”   

Isabelle F & Christine L  

“A couple of weeks before the concert for the elderly all the students brought in gifts for the elderly. After the concert and morning tea we lined up to pick up a present to give to an elderly person. The look on their faces made our day happy and joyful. A couple of guests even shed a little tear. ”

Antonia +Georgia

“ On the 2nd of December, 2016 the Year 7’s held a concert for many different nearby nursing homes. When the buses arrived, the Meet and Greet team were prepared to direct them to their seats. Each nursing home had a designated seating area where the students would lead them.”

Charlotte Uglow and Taylor Di Fabio

“ At the elderly concert, we had the amazing santa claus come to our school and meet the elderly.  Everyone was excited to met him and when he greeted the elderly at their cars, they applauded his jokes and cheerful spirit.  Santa was the star at this concert, photo’s were taken with him, stories were told.  Santa Claus really did add some Christmas cheer to the concert.  It was an enjoy outing for both students and the elderly.”

Luana Rendina

“ We had two hosts that hosted the Elderly Concert. They were very  cheerful which made the elderly people enjoy themselves. Overall it was a great day for the elderly and the years 7 girls.”

Angela and Alexis


I would like the thank the year 7 homeroom teachers and assistants for going above and beyond both in the lead up and an on the day of the concert!






Mrs Laura Rizzo

Year 7 Coordinator