Year 7 Cyber Safety Presentation

On Tuesday 7 June, Police Liaison Officer, Constable Belinda Prince came to speak to Year 7 about Cyber Safety. The message centered around our digital footprint, making smart choices and keeping safe online.

Strategies for students to manage their online accounts:

  • Privacy management
    • Limit the amount of personal information you post online.
    • Turn off location functions- especially when uploading photos.
    • If the site is free, you don’t own the content you post- so it can be used by others without your permission.
  • Reputation management
    • Be mindful of the comments you make online- they last forever.
    • Think twice before you take/send//upload inappropriate photos of yourself and/or others.
    • Defriend fake accounts immediately.
  • Relationship management
    • Know who your friends are- Don’t accept friend/follower requests from strangers.
    • Posts online should be positive NOT negative.
    • Be responsible- we never know how our words may affect others.





Laura Rizzo

Year 7 Coordinator