Year 7 Enlighten Education

On Wednesday, February 21, Year 7 participated in a program called ‘The Journey’ which is run by Enlighten Education.

Throughout the day, students participated in a variety of sessions aimed to equip them with some vital skills and tools that they need in order for them to get the best out of this year. Some of the activities that they did on the day were; creating a diary, and learning how to use this as a method to destress and help them to learn more about themselves, learning about time management and study techniques, engaging in relaxation activities that they can do during times of stress and they looked at how to establish and maintain positive relationships as well as how to approach issues in a resilient manner.

The diary was a tangible thing which they got to take away from the day and we hope that they use this at different points during the year to reflect upon their high school journey.  

The girls participated enthusiastically and seemed to really enjoy the day. On their evaluation forms, they commented that:

My favourite part of the day was learning about friendships.  I learnt about positivity, friendships, the importance of kindness and how to handle an overload of stress.  Thank you so much for coming today.  You helped me so much. xoxox . I would DEFINITELY recommend this to other girls!

I loved creating the diary covers and exchanging them, writing kind comments for others.  Today really made me smile more.  I got to know others and I learnt about to-do lists, being positive and that we can enjoy ourselves and work hard too!

This was amazing! I got tips for high school, tips for friendships and I learnt that everyone is there for me. 

My favourite part of today would have to be people wanting to write to me in my diary.  I actually met lots of people.  Be positive, be kind, be organised; GIRL POWER! 

I enjoyed talking to new people and everything about the day!  It was all very interesting and inspiring.


I learnt how to survive high school, to stress less and how to handle stress. It is important to be kind, caring and thoughtful through it all.  I enjoyed this day.

My favourite thing about today is that I got to know everyone else which helped me make new friends.  I also learnt how to motivate myself and that the words can be very powerful.

The best bit today was talking about believing in yourself.  I learnt to believe in myself, to be positive, to set SMART goals and that organisation is key. 

Laura Golding and Clare Moroney

Year Coordinator and Assistant Year Coordinator