Year 7 Excursion to Symbio Wildlife Park

On Tuesday 25 September 2018, Year 7 and our Science teachers went to Symbio Wildlife Park. We left school at 9am and travelled by bus to Helensburgh.

The purpose of our excursion was to get an introduction to our new unit: Living Places. When we arrived, we had recess in the amphitheatre and met our rangers for the day. The Rangers were Ranger Lee, Ranger Steph, Ranger Toni, Ranger Jo and Ranger Libby.

During the day, we were split into 3 groups and participated in 3 activities. One of these rotations was a private animal show. During the show, we got to touch several different reptiles and mammals including a ringtail possum, American alligator, blue tongue lizard, red tail boa and the tawny frogmouth. The ranger told us about the adaptations of these animals so that they can survive in the wild.

The next rotation was a tour of the East side. On this tour, we saw a variety of farm animals and we could pat kangaroos and wallabies, one even had a joey in its pouch! We got to interact with the baby goats and see baby emus and alpacas!

After the second rotation we all came back together and had a break for lunch.

On our last rotation, we went on the West side tour. During this tour, we saw two endangered animals. The red panda and Tasmanian devil. We were told about how zoos are important in helping reduce endangered species and stopping extinction. We went to the reptile and insect exhibition where we saw a variety of snakes, lizards, frogs, crocodiles and alligators. Then went to the koala house and were told about how important the conservation of koalas is. Unfortunately, their numbers are decreasing rapidly due to deforestation and removal of eucalyptus trees (they only actually eat approximately 20 of the 900 different types of eucalyptus leaves!). 

After this it was time to return to school on the bus. We all had a fun time learning outside of the classroom! We would like to thank our science teachers for taking us.


Ashleigh Munsie – Teacher and Year 7 CLEI students