Year 7 Geography Skills Lesson

Year 7.1 Geography have been refining their geographical skills and knowledge and this week, investigated the work of Cartographers. Cartographers develop map projections to accurately transfer data from the globe to flat sheet.

Each student was given an orange and they had to think of the orange as Earth. They were challenged to create a map that is flat and readable, identifying and drawing the locations of the major lines of latitude and longitude and shapes to represent the continents.  It was messy work piercing the skin of the orange and attempting to peel it off the orange, trying to keep as much of the “globe” intact as possible.

As students attempted to create their flat, readable maps, they began to understand the difficulty that geographers have in creating an accurate representation of the world. There are many map projections of Earth and none of them are a totally accurate depiction of Earth; each of them is distorted in some way.

Well-done to 7.1 for thinking flexibly about their learning in Geography.

Mrs Smit  

7.1 Geography Teacher