Year 7 Goes POP!

L-R Claudia Loether, Charlotte D’Arcy, Sarah Thompson, Grace Francis, Alexia Rubic, Olivia Jolly


Year 7 have been working on Pop Art paintings in Visual Arts in Term 2. We have incorporated bold colours onto ordinary food products, creating vibrant pop art paintings that catch the eye. Students were inspired by artists Andy Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein and Claes Oldenburg. To prevent mistakes and integrate details, each of us had to paint with careful strokes as the colours used were bright and any mistake would be obvious. Year 7 really enjoyed this artmaking task and had a great time choosing what they had to paint as well as painting itself. When our artworks had dried we went over the product with a fine black outlining pen to sharpen the finished pop art painting.

 “I enjoyed this topic because we got to incorporate our own version of our favourite product”– Charlotte D’Arcy

 “Pop art was an enjoyable topic in Visual Arts as it had bright colours and different aspects to explore”– Aleksia Aktipis

This concludes the Year 7 Visual Arts rotation for these students, next semester they will move into Music and we will get a new group of students in Visual Arts. We hope the students enjoyed their time in Visual Arts and we look forward to them returning in Year 8. The artworks are now on display in the stairwell leading down to the art rooms. 



Grace Francis, Year 7 with Ms Gemma Baldwin Visual Arts teacher