Year 7 History Excursion

On Friday 27 May, Year 7 history classes visited the Nicholson Museum at Sydney University as part of our learning about Ancient History. In groups, we participated in learning activities as well as hands-on tasks. In the museum we learnt about the mummification process of Ancient Egypt and analysed artefacts such as statues of Pharaohs, sarcophagi ind tomb contents. We reviewed x-rays of a 3000 year old mummy that is housed in the museum!

Through the Ancient Roman displays, we learnt about Pompeii and looked at a lego model of Pompeii to compare the ancient city to today. In the Ancient Greek section,  it was interesting to look at the funerary urns, models of the Parthenon and statues of ancient leaders.

We also put on gloves and actually handled artefacts from Ancient Civilisations like Mesopotamia and Persia. We felt so privileged to go on this very interesting excursion as we learnt a lot and were very lucky to see artefacts from different historical periods and places.

 – by Alyssa Zappia and Anastasia Agoris