Year 7 History Excursion

On 4 November, the Year 7 history classes had their excursion at the very interesting  Nicholson Museum at The University of Sydney. The classes went on to explore the ancient worlds of Egypt, Rome and Greece. Throughout the day the groups got to delve into activities that allowed them to see and experience what life was like living in the ancient world, and also witnessing how archaeologists work to discover information by uncovering clues. During the investigation of ancient Egypt the classes got to hold precious artefacts from thousands of years ago that were very sacred to ancient Egyptians like canopic jars. It was also exciting to hold other ancient artefacts from the past and analyse them the way an archaeologist does.Students were able to view things like mummies, sarcophaguses and carvings of gods. Students were also able to see the ancient city of Pompeii made out of Lego and learnt about the morals of the people in ancient Rome and their ruler Augustus. At the ancient Greece exhibits they got to see a geometric krater from the Dipylon cemetery in Athens and were taught about the ancient city and their gods. Overall this was a fun packed, engaging and beneficial day that was a perfect way to summarize our topic on the ancient world.  We all give a big thank you to all the teachers involved in the excursion for the year 7 history students as we all enjoyed it immensely and learnt a great deal.

Written By Natasha Petrov 7HGW