Year 7 History

On the 25th of May, 7 History (N), who are studying Ancient Egypt, mummified apples to experience a hands on process of mummification. When we entered the classroom, Miss Simos, who is our  History teacher, had prepared a huge bowl of cut up apples that had been soaked in salty water, 2 new packets of Bicarb soda and 2 bottles of salt (this would replace natron), a stack of cups and a fresh roll of foil. Miss Simos reminded us of the process of mummification and explained how we will be mummifying the apples. Firstly we would clean the apples from all of the seeds if they have any and place the cleaned apples into a plastic cup. After that we put salt and bicarb soda evenly into the cup with the apple, making sure that the apple is fully engulfed by the soda and salt. Then we wrap the cup in foil and leave it in the sun for 40 days. Finally we named our mummified apple and we left it in our classroom, next to the window,  where we will be examining what happens to them within the 40 days and after 40 days. Altogether, this was a very exciting and fun experience.


 – Anastasia Mcneil 7HI.N