Year 7 Magnolia Update for February 2017

The Magnolia’s have immersed themselves in many activities over the last 4 weeks which has assisted them in the smooth transition to Bethany College. On a  very hot evening we welcomed our new families to Bethany College and enjoyed hearing our guest speaker, Psychiatrist Dr Toula Tsolvos. This was a very informative talk for parents and students around adolescent development.


Enlighten Education visited our school on the 22nd February as part of our Wellbeing Program. “The Journey” program is aimed at equipping the girls in making the transition from junior to secondary school with a survival kit of skills: time management, prioritising, creating a positive learning space, stress management and making successful new friendships.








What better way to evaluate these workshops than to read feedback from the Year 7 students themselves!

Thank you for coming to our school and I hope the upcoming year 7’s to 12’s find it as helpful as this session was for me. My favourite part of the day was when you helped us cope with our stress and just the little messages like not to sweat the little things as it made me feel like nothing is going to stop me from achieving my goals. It comes down to me and how I think and what I choose to do about things.

I thought today might be boring but then I walked into the room and I knew it was going to be fun. I got to make more friends and I got good tips on how to cope with the stress of high school. It was good to say that we all make mistakes but at least I’ve got ideas on how to fix them. Thank you for coming. I really enjoyed it.

 No other programs are as fun as this. I liked ‘The Travel Diary’ the most but I liked all the activities. I learnt what traits other girls are looking for in their friendships and I never really knew how happy I could make someone just by saying something nice to them. Today I learnt to be true to myself and to stop putting myself down.

 ‘Stop, Revive, Survive’ was my favourite workshop because it I get stressed so those tips will definitely help me. Fran was so relatable. I learnt how to focus myself, relax myself and organise myself.

 I learnt to organise my week better using ‘day lists’, high school is a new journey for everyone and life isn’t perfect for anyone all the time but we have what it takes to make it! (Please use my comment to promote the business, today was great! I hope Enlighten Education keeps doing so well!)

 This was a wonderful and educational program. It helped me with my struggles and difficulties. I learnt to overcome my fears, try my best, calm my stress and that I can make a good life for myself.

 My favourite part was making the diary and the stress tips where we did the lying down activity and I also loved how we got to meet new people. I liked the tips on making a master list and to do list too! Maybe we should do more than one day!

 I thought I would be sitting in a hall listening to people talk and show slides of information. I actually got to know a lot more about other girls and their personalities. I learnt that if I need help, just ask, stay positive, never give up and not to stress about small stuff in life. It was an amazing workshop and a lot of fun.

 Today helped me accept who I am and inspired me to interact more with others. It made me feel special. Today was EXCELLENT!

 10/10! This was an amazing day! We should make new friends, set goals, help others. I got to know others today. Thank you!

 I loved listening to all the music, giving each other compliments and how we made ourselves and others smile. I learnt how easy it is to stay positive and that making other people happy makes you happy! I loved this so much! I would definitely recommend a day like this to other girls.

 Today made me step out of my comfort zone. Meeting new people and making new friends was great for me. I learnt not to be afraid to try new things, treat everyone the same, be responsible, be independent and try harder at things. Today was excellent x 500 billion!













Camp 23-24 February at Youthworks Deer Park

Following Enlighten Education, students were ready to spend time together on Camp where they continued to develop friendships and engage in activities that presented personal challenges, teamwork and fun. Students worked in small groups and were involved in activities such as canoeing, orienteering, the amazing race and having fun on the water slide. Students had some time to reflect on Friday morning with their leaders as they participated in Christian Discovery and were able to talk through Psalm 139 and what it means to them as individuals. As I (Mrs Barnes) went around to each group there were some insightful thoughts being discussed on a personal level for the girls.


Katrine Barnes (Year Coordinator), Lara Grimm (Assist Year Coordinator)  and the Year 7 Team