Year 7 Music Incursion

On Tuesday, Year 7 took part in an Incursion called ‘Drumbeat’. The musicians that came to us had a lot of games in store for us. It was so much fun and it taught students how to play the drums and about rhythm. First, they got us to play a rhythm that was very catchy and easy to play so everyone got it. After a while everyone got the hang of it and couldn’t stop playing that beat. After the men stopped playing, he asked us if anyone wanted to play a rhythm for us to copy. Everyone’s beats were very creative. The drums we played are called djembe and they are handmade. We then were told to stand up and one of the men taught us the African chicken dance. It is very different to the Australian version of the chicken dance. He called upon people to come out the front and do it in front of everyone. He even called on the teachers. Year 7 were cheering on all the teachers and having a good time. Finally, when we stopped doing the chicken dance, everyone was upset that it was time to go. Everyone that I have asked said that they had a great time and would like to do that again. I enjoyed it very much and I still can’t stop playing the beat wherever I go.

Alysha Kapila – Year 7


On Tuesday the 2nd of June 2015, 2 men came to our school to entertain us with… DRUMS!? At first, when they were setting up, it looked just like any other normal performance from normal people, but, as we began, everyone was tapping drums, clapping sticks, clapping their hands, ringing triangles and beating tambourines. Without even being told what to do, everyone joined in to the beat that was being played and eventually, we all got the hang of it. Eventually, when everyone settled down, the leaders introduced themselves and what they did. The drums that everyone was playing were called “Djembe’s” and they were traditional West African drums. After the introduction session, we got back into a beat jam session that everyone was tapping along to. Eventually, they called students and teachers up to lead the drum beat session and they also called some people up to dance the West African Chicken Dance!?!?! It was really fun to learn a new style of the well-known chicken dance! After that, some students were chosen to perform the chicken dance in front of everyone and they all looked hilarious! The men offered a little bit of extra time at the end for questions from a few students and that was sadly the end of a great and entertaining workshop! Overall, we all had a great time beating the drums, learning new things to go with it and spending a fun time with our Bethany Year Group.

Tara Kapila – Year 7


drumbeat 2