Year 7 Orientation Day

On Wednesday 9 November 2016, around 190 Year 6 students attended Bethany College for their orientation day heading in to 2017. They were warmly greeted by Mrs Lavorato and Mrs Russo, the administration staff, and their new Year coordinators, Mrs Katrine Barnes and Miss Lara Grimm. The Year 9 Big Sisters are currently in training and they were there on hand assisting the girls throughout the day.

The students participated in the Allwell testing taking them up to lunchtime. After lunch they rotated around a number of activities – Science Fun with Mr Roberts who led a CSI activity where the girls analysed their finger prints. The Performing Arts department had three sessions running, drama, dance and music each led by two Big Sisters. The TAS department encouraged critical thinking and problem solving designing paper planes and the Big Sisters also lead sessions talking about what to expect when starting high school.




The Big Sisters led each session with such confidence under the guidance of Dr Trent, Mr Roberts, Mr Bernado, Mrs Moroney, Mrs Rowland and Mrs Fitzgerald and they are to be congratulated for their preparedness, confidence and leadership throughout the day.






Big Sisters 2017



The Parent Information evening followed at 6.30pm and was led by the executive leadership team. On this night the Monika for the 2017 cohort was revealed. They will be identified as  “The Magnolia’s’.


kb7At the College we have 3 Chinese Magnolias on Yallunga Court. Port Wine Magnolia hedge at front entrance of the school and Little Gem Magnolia trees near Chisholm Green and the Forest Rd side of the school near the TAS block.

Plants can take up to twelve years to flower from seed, and each of these individual plants show an amazingly wide range of differences when they are in flower.


Each blossom represents every new Year 7 student who is welcomed into the Bethany College Community and together they make a diverse bouquet.


We look forward to an exciting year ahead lead the Magnolia’s.


Mrs Katrine Barnes and Miss Lara Grimm

Year 7 Coordinators 2017