Year 7 PDHPE- Shark Tank Assessment Task

In this assessment, we had to create a hygiene product targeted at teens during adolescence and puberty. We enjoyed creating and filming the ad. We created a scented sponge that cleanses your face and reduces redness from acne in less than 2 mins. This product can benefit young people as it is efficient and it makes them feel comfortable in their own skin.

Linh, Henriette and Maresa



In the assessment we had to come up with a hygiene product that will help young people going through puberty.

The best part of the assessment was creating the advertisement, and working as a team. 

We created a reusable face mask which can remove dirt and oil clogged in pores which can help with acne and breakouts.

Frances, Erini, Sarah H and Yasmin






For the assessment, we needed to come up with a product to help with hygiene during adolescence. We enjoyed working together, creating an advertisement and also sharing ideas. We created a cream to apply in your hair to remove the oil. To  use it, you put on your Queen of Clean cap or beanie to set the cream, wait just 5 minutes then you’re ready to go! It helps young people by removing the oil in the hair to leave it lovely and luscious. It also helps you feel better about yourself and boost your self confidence.

Sarah C, Zoe and Taylah







In this assessment, we had to make a product that could combat a hygiene issue that occurs during puberty. It was a really fun task, since we had to present it like we were in the Shark Tank show! Everyone had fun filming our ads and creating our pitch.

Abygail and Rayan