Year 7 Reflection Day

On Wednesday, 26 October, all Year 7 students made the short trip to St Mary’s Star of the Sea Primary school to take part in their Reflection Day. Reflection days are an important day for students. Quite often, with the demands and the constant barrage of information we are inundated with daily, we don’t take time for ourselves, to reflect, to be comfortable with solitude, to go a little bit deeper, to look within ourselves and seek answers. The theme for the day was Peace and Peacekeeping, which allowed students to ‘focus on what being a peacekeeper is’. Students gained from activities such as Givens and Changeables and from learning about Gilbert’s prejudice toward the colour Orange. When asked for one thing they learned from the day, some student responses included:

‘What its like to be a peacemaker.

To not judge people by how they look or where they’re from.

That a Peacemaker is someone who cares for others.

it is important to be a peacemaker

How to be a peacemaker

We should love god.

we should always forgive people and do our best to help anyone we can


Help others in need even when it is not required of you.’


Huge thanks to Mrs Criniti, Ms Munro, Mrs Sullivan, Mrs Pelham and Miss Georgiou for helping to lead the day.



Mr Brian Culleton

Assistant Leader of Religious Education and Mission