Year 7 Religion

In Year 7 Religion, students were asked how they could respond to Jesus’ commission- to go and spread the good News.


Year 7 Newman wrote a reflection on what they could do in their daily lives and here are some of their responses:

“When I reflected on the story of the commission, I tried to look at my own actions and see how I can act more in the likeness of God. Even the simplest actions like smiling at someone or thanking my teachers after a lesson can make a difference to their day. Attending Mass and joining the community can not only live out Jesus’ mission but can also make a difference to me and have a positive affect on others. I also try to contribute to charities like Caritas that make a difference to people all over the world. I aspire to act in the image of Jesus in my actions everyday.”

Catherine Smith


“I will respond to the commission by donating a gold coin to Project Commission each week. In everyday life I will be asking others how their day was and what went well. This will put some joy in their day and will let them know that someone cares. During lunch and recess, I will include others if they don’t have anyone to be with. The law of love as Jesus said “Love one another as I have loved you” should be shown in our everyday lives. I will be trying extra hard to try and give people a compliment and to stay calm when I’m annoyed” 

Alexandra Francis