Year 7 Religion

All Year 7 students in religious education classes were given an assessment task where they were required to write a biography on a significant person in the Old or New Testament.  Following this, they presented a monologue and each student was to retell their significant person’s encounter with God and explain why they were so significant. It was wonderful to see the many hidden talents of Year 7 shining through.

Some thoughts from 7M include:

The monologue helped us improve our public speaking skills as well as improve our knowledge of important figures in sacred scripture. We were able to look into the lives of the figures finding out what they did, how God helped them and why they are important today. (Jane)

I’m usually not a confident public speaker, but the monologue helped me develop my public speaking skills and to be more confident when giving a speech. This also helped us learn more about the biblical figure we chose, which gives us a better understanding of why people are significant in the Bible. Presenting our monologue was also quite fun because it enabled us to use our creativity to think of costumes, props and sound effects. Overall, I enjoyed this task. (Eleni)




Rachael Colreavy