Year 7 Spirituality Day

On Friday last week, our Year 7 students attended Rockdale Parish Hall where they had their first experience of a spirituality day at Bethany College.  The theme of the day was “Relationships” and this value has been their focus throughout the year.

In looking at what relationships are and why they important, we led the girls to an understanding of how our words and actions can either build or destroy relationships, how we can create a strong community through strong relationships.  We allowed some time to meditate and explore our relationship with Jesus and this was one of the biggest highlights of the day for the girls. It was a fun day and feedback from all the girls was really positive.

Thank you to all the staff who came and supported the girls throughout the day, Ms Wood, Mrs Golding, Mrs Moroney, Ms Fing, Ms Taouk, Mrs Criniti, Mrs Colreavy, Ms Munro, Mr Laguzza. Without their support, the girls would not have had such a wonderful experience.

I would like to share with you some feedback from our Year 7 students.


What was one thing you learned from today, or what was one thing you really liked?

“My favourite thing about today was the words where people said something good or bad about you and also my favourite was the machines.”

“I learnt many different things such as what people think about me and we all said our strengths.”

“I enjoyed when we threw the string around the circle and said words of affirmation towards each other as it is beneficial to both parties.”

“I learnt that everyone can work together and my favourite part was the meditation.”

“I had fun while doing the machine thingy and I learnt to appreciate the gifts other people have more often.”


What do you feel God is challenging you to do as a result of our Spirituality Day?

“Make people happy and believe in myself and get to know others.”

“To be more open to relationships and be positive to each other.”

“That everything in a relationship matters and it takes two people not one to make it work.”

“My goal is to do two good deeds to make a difference.”


Diane Kennaugh

Leader of Religious Education and Mission