On Tuesday 19/9/2017, Year 7 went on an excursion to Symbio Wildlife Park. When we arrived, we were treated by a beautiful peacock showing off its natural beauty! Year 7 split into two groups. One group was going to the presentation presented by the wildlife workers and the other half got to explore the park with friends. The park was full of interesting animals. Some animals we saw were : Monkeys, eagles, cheetahs, insects, koalas, pandas and many more! Each group had around an hour and a half to explore the park. We also got to see some animals up close and see animals playing, eating and sleeping. We then had lunch and some of us brought money to get a nice, yummy treat from the canteen. After lunch the groups swapped activities. At the presentation held by the workers, they told us very interesting and cool facts about some animals including snakes, birds and echidnas. For example, the rare albino echidna is a mammal which means it lays eggs. The students then got to pat the animals as they came around. The snake had a very weird but cool feeling. Year 7 had a very fun time seeing all the animals, patting them and feeding them and we all really hope we can return again. Thank you teachers for giving us the opportunity to experience the amazing Wildlife Park as without the teachers, Year 7 wouldn’t have had this experience! We made a lot of memories that we will cherish forever! And also thanks to the wildlife workers that let us experience the animals up close and personal!

Jasmine Hatzisavvas (PE 206) and Lily Clarke (PE 206) – Year 7 Science students