Year 7 Symbio Excursion

On Tuesday the 24th of September, 2019  Year 7 students went on an excursion to Symbio Wildlife Park where we had the opportunity to interact with and learn about a variety of different animals from all over the world. We were even able to touch some animals that were native to Australia, including a baby crocodile, possum, lizard and a snake. Not all opted for this option! The instructors were very helpful and taught us about different animal species. We learnt about the habitats, diets and adaptations of many animals, including cheetahs, kangaroos, and red pandas. We also learnt about the impacts humans can have on the survival of animals, and talked about things that can be done to reduce these impacts. Many students walked away feeling inspired to explore and look deeper into the welfare of some of the animals we learnt about on the day. Overall, our excursion to Symbio Wildlife Park was a fun experience and we all learned a lot about all of the fascinating species that live at the zoo.



Angel Kousoulas, Chanelle Martinez and Maya Sandhu (Year 7 Science Students)