Year 7 Taronga Park Zoo

On Tuesday, 15 September, Year 7 went on a Science excursion to Taronga Zoo, complementing our current topic, “Living Places”. This was a fantastic and exciting experience. All classes got a chance to have a lesson with zoo keepers. These lessons allowed students to come up close and personal with a variety of animals, some of which include: a tawny frogmouth, a blue tongue lizard and a quokka. In these lessons we learned about classification and adaptations of animals. We saw so many incredible animals including: a sea-lion, an otter, an orangutan (hiding under some blankets), and chimpanzees. One of my favourite enclosures was the chimpanzee enclosure as we saw them swing around and mothers nursing young. The baby chimps were very adorable and playful. We saw lions waking up and tigers resting as well as a hippo taking a dip to cool off on a very hot day. Taronga Zoo is a great place for an excursion, my favourite part of the trip was the lesson as we learnt about the animals, got to touch some animals and we learnt why we need breeding programs and how Taronga Zoo helps keep species, that cannot adapt as fast as others, survive in our ever quickly changing world. Many thanks to Dr Trent and the Year 7 Science teachers for giving Year 7 the opportunity to take part in this wonderful excursion.

Ally Hammer (Year 7.1 Science student)